The Ten Trusts

The Ten Trusts: What We Must Do to Care for the Animals We Love, by Jane Goodall and Marc Bekoff.  Harper San Francisco, 2003.

Goodall, along with co‑author Bekoff, begins by relating true stories of clever and caring animal behavior, such as extrasensory (to us) perception, astounding migration over great distances, and saving the lives of humans or individuals of other species.  She follows this up with a review of issues relating to animal cruelty: medical research and student dissection, circuses and zoos, fur, meat‑eating, poaching and deliberate habitat destruction, and much more.  The authors’ tone is friendly, not designed to overwhelm with too much detail of abuse, and filled with encouragement that whatever kindness‑‑no matter how small‑‑an individual can do for an animal matters.  Even giving up meat for one day a week makes a difference. Stories of individual activists, some of whom are average folks, others clearly saint‑like, give examples of what can be done.

Because it is non‑threatening and hopeful, and doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of the issues, this book would be ideal for someone not yet aware of commonplace animal cruelty and how we can all make better choices.

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