The Green Foodprint

Everything you could want to know about the environmental impact of your food choices is gathered here in a well-organized and reader-friendly format. You can dip into it anywhere and learn something. Each topic ends with “What You Can Do” suggestions, so the book is not an intellectual exercise so much as a guidebook for step-by-step action.  The author has a passion for the truth, and doesn’t try to hide unpleasant facts; for example, that the “free-range” label on eggs often does not mean that the hens ever walk on a natural landscape or experience less crowding than their more typically-raised sisters. The author gives encouragement to go as far as the reader is willing; instead of saying, as similar books do, “eat less meat,” Riebel says, “eat less meat–or none.”
Although some points are still being debated–for example, grass-fed cows seem to be more detrimental for the environment than those in feedlots–readers will find both information and encouragement for positive changes that will benefit themselves and the planet.

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