Disciples: How Jewish Christianity Shaped Jesus and Shattered the Church, by Keith Akers.  Apocryphile Press, 2013.

Following up on his previous book The Lost Religion of Jesus, Keith Akers continues his examination of Christianity in its earliest stages, presenting a very different view from what Christianity later became under Paul. This Jewish Christian movement, which practiced simple living, nonviolence and vegetarianism, has been completely lost, even though it represented what Jesus actually taught. Contemporary scholars of religion are mostly unaware of its existence, yet the author’s conclusions are based solidly on historical sources of the period.  For more details, visit the the author’s blog here.

Had Christianity stayed closer to its original vision, we would likely have a kinder world in which resources would be more equitably shared and no climate/environmental crisis would be looming on the horizon. The more people who are Christian read this book and begin to work for change in their churches, the better the future will be.



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  1. I agree the book is excellent. I’m no longer convinced, based on what I’m reading now, that Thomas is a first century document. However, Thomas is just a small part of Akers’ argument. Even if the document belongs to the late second century, it could be based on an earlier document, as Crossan has proposed, and/ or oral traditions that go back to the first century. I do think the book is probably vegan just because it is prelapsarian. And why wouldn’t a prelapsarian thinker be a vegan?

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