A Delightful Visit to Danzig’s Roost

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting an animal sanctuary devoted mostly to chickens.  The Rooster Sanctuary at Danzig’s Roost is located near Bennett, Colorado, and houses around 50 roosters and over 100 hens, plus eight ducks, four inquisitive goats, two gentle horses, and an unforgettable potbellied pig.  Not to mention countless wild rabbits who burrow under the coops.  The goats definitely wanted to engage with us; one kept trying to untie my shoelaces!  The horses came over to the fence to greet us, and were rewarded by the treats we gave them.  The hens scurried around us, making soothing hen sounds.  Among the hens and roosters, we saw a variety of breeds of varying sizes, some with stunning coloration, feathered feet, or other unusual features.  We were impressed with the grounds, the numerous sturdy coops and fenced enclosures, a nice pond for the ducks, and plenty of space to explore.

Owner Jewel was very generous with her time in showing our group around and answering our questions.  She has a full-time job requiring a 45-minute (one-way) commute, in addition to caring–along with partner Jason–for all these animals.  Jewel and Jason are vegans, and help to educate the public about the value of chickens, and the many reasons for not eating them or their eggs.

If you live along the Front Range, consider visiting–and perhaps volunteering–at Danzig’s, or in any case, donating to help with the care and housing of these deserving rescued animals. Info about contacting Danzig’s and making a donation can be found here, or consider an item from their wish list on Amazon.

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